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What is the "Auction Search System".

Due to the volume of vehicles in Japan most local motor vehicle dealers buy (their stock) and sell (their unwanted stock) via closed dealer auctions around Japan. These auctions are state of the art facilities built to cater for the huge volume of vehicles brought and sold each week. We are not talking about 10 or 20 different auctions or 10,000 vehicles, we are talking about 120+ different auctions (also known as auction houses) and 200,000+ vehicles per week, each auction house has one auction per week (set day per auction house). These auctions are closed "dealer" auctions which means the public cannot attend, only licenced and approved motor vehicles dealers can attend. This means vehicles are brought and sold at trade prices and is the auctions are the cheapest source for obtaining vehicles in Japan. All of Brave Auto International's vehicles purchased (for stock or purchase to order for customer) are obtained from the Japanese auction network.

Here at Brave Auto International, we are an approved and licensed member of 122 different auction houses around Japan which gives us access to all the vehicles at trade prices.

The auction search system for customers is a unique system where all the information (vehicle details, auction inspection sheet, 2-4 photos, start & finish prices and previous sale results) that we see as a registered and licensed buyer at each auction house is copied and made available in English (except the auction inspection sheet) for customers like yourself to view. It is basically a mirrored image of all the auctions on one website for customers. 

Can I change THE Password that I was automatically assigned when I first registered.

Yes, once you have registered please click on "Your Personal Data" and at the bottom of the screen you can enter your own password.

Now I have access to the auction system, can I bid on vehicle/s.

Yes but unless you are an approved member your bids will be automatically disregarded even though the system will inform you that your bid has been accepted.

How do I become an approved member so I can bid on vehicles.

New Customer - if you are a new customer to us you will need to arrange a 50,000yen deposit before we can bid on any vehicles or translate auction sheets for you.

Previous Customer - if you are a previous customer of ours and have always paid on time you are not required to arrange a deposit as we are happy to translate auction sheets and bid on vehicles for you. You will need to contact us via email to confirm this.

I am a new customer, how do I pay my deposit and can I pay via PayPal or Credit Card.

We only accept bank to bank transfer, we do not accept payments via PayPal or Credit Cards due to the risk of fraudulent Credit Cards etc. Also, the fees associated with payments via PayPal or Credit Cards are very high and the exchange rate you will receive from PayPal or your Credit Card company is very low, this is how PayPal and Credit Card companies increase their profits.

Should I pay my deposit when I see a vehicle on the auction system.

No, due to time difference - once a vehicle of interest is added to the auction system (they update twice daily) there is not enough time for you to arrange your deposit as most vehicles are auctioned 1-3 days after being uploaded onto the auction search system. Therefore, we ask customers to arrange their deposit and then start looking for their vehicle.

Is my 50,000yen deposit refunded if I do not buy a vehicle.

Yes, your deposit is refunded at your request if a suitable vehicle is not secured for you.

Do I inform you of a vehicle coming up for auction or do you inform me.

It is completely up to you, either we can do the searching and inform you as and when suitable vehicles are added to the auction site or vice versa.

I am aN approved member and AM interested in a vehicle on the auction system, what do I do.

In the "Ask the Question" box you can type information such as "what does this auction sheet say or I am interested in this vehicle" and then hit the send message button.  The system will automatically email us your question of which we will reply to you as long as you are an approved member. If you are not an approved member your message will be automatically disregarded.

If I place a bid  am I bidding live at the auction.

No, when you enter a bid and hit the send button the system automatically emails us to inform us of your bid. If you are an approved member we will then bid on your behalf at the auction up to your max bid price. However, in many cases we do not automatically bid on the vehicle for you as we may come back to you and advise you of something bad that we have noticed on the auction inspection sheet. You can then decide whether you would like us to continue with your bid.

Are the start and final prices that are displayed on the auction system fob or cif.

Neither, the system only displays the "car cost" price, in other words the price the hammer fell at. Car cost prices do not include internal auction fees, transport etc. For more information on costs please visit "Our Auction Fee" page by clicking here.

Do I submit my max bid amount as car cost, FOB or CIF.

Because we have the ability of purchasing vehicles from different auction houses all over Japan the inland transport will vary plus a few other factors.
Because of this and to protect our customers from a cost they were not aware of before submitting their bid, we will accept bids as car cost, FOB or CIF but you must indicate if your bid is car cost, FOB or CIF. If you do not indicate this we will bid as car cost.
Car Cost = what the vehicle sold for not including any auction costs etc.
FOB = what the vehicle sold for at auction and all auction costs including our fee.
CIF = as above plus shipping and full transit insurance to your country.

If I submit a bid of 500,000yen CIF and win the vehicle, am I automatically charged 500,000yen CIF for the vehicle.

No, when you submit a bid amount this is only informing us the "max" that we can bid up to including all costs in the hope of securing the vehicle for you. If your max bid amount is 500,000yen CIF and the vehicle is secured for 400,000yen CIF, you will be only charged 400,000yen CIF.  If you have paid a deposit, your deposit will be deducted from the total amount. 

Once I become an approved member do I just receive a file number and wAIT for a sales person to contact me.

No, far from it, we are not a large car export company and concentrate more on personal one on one service from start to finish and you will deal directly with our managing director Mark Bremner. Although many managing directors prefer to work behind the scene, our managing director prefers to be at the front  and deal directly with each and every customer where he builds a strong working relationship with you the customer. 

I am new to the auctions and really do not know what I am doing.

No problem, we all start somewhere, any further questions, please contact Mark direct - mark@braveautointernational.jp