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Brave Auto International will purchase a new or used vehicle/s of your choice for you directly from the JDM auctions here in Japan, all you have to do is complete the

Once we receive this we will email you back with prices and any further information required, then the decision is yours.

You can can either request us to find your vehicle for you or you can search yourself (with out guidence) via our
online auction system.

If you wish us to go ahead and purchase a vehicle/s for you we will require you to pay a deposit of JPY50,000 which is refundable if a suitable vehicle is not located & purchased within 30 days of receiving your deposit.

Once the vehicle/s of your choice have been purchased, you will then be advised of the purchase and you are then required to bring your deposit up to full payment. Your vehicle/s will be delivered to our yard normally, 7 -10 days from date of purchase. At this point, we will send you an in-depth description of specifications and features along with pictures similar to our website stock vehicles.

Once your vehicle/s have departed Japan, we will be issued with a Legal Shipping Document (BOL) from the shipping company, normally within 3-7 days of date of departure. We will then forward you a copy of the BOL via email/fax. All original documents will then be couriered directly to you.