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Transit Insurance – Japan to Vancouver

Customs Clearance Agent Vancouver

In most cases, unless you ask your agent here in Japan for transit insurance your vehicle will not be covered or will be covered with the most basic cover.
There are three types of transit insurance.
Total Loss – Basically…if the boat sinks or your vehicle is flattened, you will get paid out. But if your vehicle is damaged in anyway there is no payout as it is not classed as a total loss.

Total Loss including Damage – As above but will include damage.

Full Cover – Total Loss including Damage, Theft, Pilferage & Non Delivery – The Rolls Royce of covers and you are covered for every incident.
Here at Brave Auto International, all of the vehicles which we export to Canada are automatically covered with “Full Cover” transit insurance. With the excitement of importing a vehicle, most customers tend to forget about transit insurance which is why we automatically arrange it. All vehicles on our website under the Canadian section are priced including Full Cover transit insurance. For our Purchase to Order customers, this is also included in the quotes we supply.
Complete piece of mind.

A large percentage of Brave Auto International’s customers use the services of Thompson Pacific Logistics Ltd to clear their vehicle/s through customs. We have a strong and long term working relationship Al Thompson (owner) and the service our customers personally receive from Al is second to none. We know this as our customers time after time comment about the friendly, helpful and professional approach of Al Thompson / Thompson Pacific Logistics Ltd.
Thompson Pacific Logistics Ltd
#1220 - 1188 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C
V6E 4A2
Phone: (604) 688-9784
Contact: Al Thompson
Some buyers/importers in the past have tried to clear their own vehicles through customs themselves. Although it may seem simple to do at first to save a few dollars it can cost you a small fortune in the long run. Using a professional company like Thompson Pacific Logistics Ltd who have many years experience with dealing with customs will save on delays. There are only a certain number of days allowed to clear the vehicle before storage charges from the port authorities start to accrue and they sure know how to charge, it can cost you hundred of dollars per day if not cleared within the allowable free days.