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Free Storage
– Brave Auto International can store customer’s vehicles until they become of age to be exported. As space/real estate in Japan is a premium, many agents do not have storage facilities. Some agents will store with out their customers being aware their vehicle/s at compounds at the ports. These compounds are OK if you are not too worried about your vehicle. The security is very relaxed and there are people coming and going all day. The common joke in this industry is that if you want a part you obtain it from the port storage yards. Normally, the agent will receive 30 days free storage and if the vehicle is not exported after the free days the agent is therefore charged per day. One of the easiest ways to tell if an agent is storing vehicles at the port is that they will offer storage but at 10,000yen per month, the figure they are charged by the shipping line. We have also known and witnessed agents who have stored vehicles near their offices down public side streets, public car parks etc.
Here at Brave Auto International, we are based just outside of Nagoya where land is not as expensive. Because of this, we own our premises which includes storage facilities for over 400 motor vehicles. Our storage yard by our office is security fenced including electric fencing and is also video monitored.