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Purchasing From Stock

Although our main business is purchase to order (sourcing vehicles directly from JDM auctions for customers), BRAVE also regularly purchases a small number of vehicles to hold as stock available for export worldwide.

We only purchase our vehicles from the dealer auction network and all vehicles are then delivered to our office/yard for further inspection and must meet our strict quality control before being prepared for export.
We will not purchase Accident/Repaired or knowingly purchase vehicles with major mechanical faults.
If you would like to purchase a vehicle from our stock list, please click on the "PURCHASE" button at the bottom of the vehicle details page and simply complete the "PURCHASE ORDER FORM".

Once we receive your request, the vehicle will be reserved for you for a period of five working days.
At this point, we will contact you to answer any questions you may have. If you decide to continue with the vehicle we will confirm your order to you and supply you with an invoice and our bank details. You are then required to arrange a transfer within three working days.

Once we have received your payment, we will then make arrangements to book the vehicle/s onto the next available vessel via shared container or Ro/Ro depending on your desired method.
Once your vehicle/s have departed Japan, we will be issued with a Legal Shipping Document (BOL) from the shipping company, normally within 3-7 days of date of departure. We will then forward you a copy of the BOL via email/fax. All original documents will then be couriered directly to you.

Our stock as well as our purchase to order vehicles that we have built our reputation on and has singled Brave Auto out from all other exporters as a low volume high class exporter to Canada and other countries have the following work carried out before being offered out to our customers.

- at our yard to confirm wether the vehicle meets our standard.

Test Drive (approx 10kms) - we are the only exporter in Japan that test drives all of the vehicles we export.

Engine Leak Down Test - as with our test drives, we are the only exporter in Japan that carries out this important test on every vehicle we export.

Coolant - coolant during winter months is brought up to spec of the customers country to avoid freezing problems during transit.

Cleaning - engine bay washed, door jams cleaned washed, interior vacuumed. 

Photos - large number of high grade photos are taken of the vehicle at different angles including detailed photos of any blemishes.

General Information – we do not bring the vehicle/s up to your country’s compliance inspection standard. Every country varies, one country will accept one thing where as another country will not. We do not inspect or replace parts such as brakes, tyres, suspension rubbers etc, but we do test drive all vehicles, if there is a major problem in this area while our test drive is carried out such as brake pull, split CV boot, this is either repaired or listed as a blemish.

If we do not have a vehicle in stock that you are looking for, we can source the vehicle/s of interest for you directly from the JDM Auctions around Japan. Like our stock vehicles, all Purchase to Order vehicles receive the same high level of service as to our stock vehicles.

For further details of our Purchase to Order service, please click here.

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