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Hello and welcome to Brave Auto International Ltd

Brave Auto International was established in 2000 when Mark Bremner joined forces with Brave Auto Japan Ltd.

Many who have been involved with Japanese Imports will no doubt remember Mark from the days when he owned MVI Services Inc Japan. Mark was the first exporter in Japan to offer the "UK On-Road Package", a comprehensive package arranging everything from importation, conversion, registration, road tax and delivery to the customers door ready to drive away with 3 year UK Warranty.

Mark built MVI into such a successful export company back in the nineties that it became the envy of many Japanese export companies, at which point Mark accepted an offer he couldn't refuse and sold MVI.

Since establishing Brave Auto International, Mark and his team have been working hard on improving their services to Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom with great success. Although improving their services to the above countries, Brave Auto International also specialise in supplying 15yr old vehicles for Canadian importer.

Brave act as a purchasing agent for buyers Worldwide who wish to purchase good quality Japanese vehicles. Mark personally purchases all vehicles for customers and stock and he has a reputation for being a perfectionist when it comes to the standard of cars he exports.

All of Brave's staff are either English or fluent in English and have extensive experience in worldwide car markets. This means that Brave Auto International provides a superior service to a native Japanese agent where the language barrier, along with the fact that they have no direct experience of Worldwide car markets and requirements, or importation and registration procedures, can cause problems.

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